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Book Translations - Marathi Links

Book Translations (Marathi)

This page is serving the needs of the Book Translation Seva for Guru Deva. Following lists the books translated into Marathi. To view or download any Book or the audio, simply click on the title. You can also save the file in a folder and then view the contents by opening the file.

#Document Title
1Marathi - BVVD Siksastaka.pdf
2Marathi - Bhagavad Gita Kas Sar.pdf
3Marathi - Gurudevatatma.pdf
4Marathi - Happiness in Fools Paradise.pdf
5Marathi - Harinama Mahamantra.pdf
6Marathi - Krishna Lilamrita.pdf
7Marathi - Maharishi Durvasa.pdf
8Marathi - Shri Shri Brihad Bhagvatamritam Pratham Khanda.pdf